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Community & Programs: Welcome

We built  a community-based career exploration service for children age 9-12. Utilizing ICT and 360° videos we deliver a real world approximation of working experience to children. IN360 community model involves working people who will collaborate with university students or volunteers to create their career stories in 360° video format. Meanwhile, teachers and parents in children’s neighborhood will be involved to accompany children in exploring and building their future career.

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"I am proud of what I am doing with my job and I want to inspire children with my story."

Inspiring the younger generation is always a wonderful thing to do. Share your job, career journey and passion through engaging video content. Together with co-creators, allocate some of your time for the interview and video production process. It is also possible to produce the video content on your own.


"As a video maker/university student, I want to help Role Models share their inspiration."

Produce a wonderful 360° video about jobs and be a bridge between Children and Role model. IN360° video guideline will help you understand more about our project and assist you through the whole video creation process. Interview, story creation worksheets and 360° video shooting tips are also provided.

You will get in touch with experts in their field, experience the working world and collaborate directly with the experts. 


"I am a teacher/educator who want to guide the career journey of children in my community."

Career is a lifelong process that start from early age. IN360° Career Learning Activity will help your children to explore occupation options in 360° video environment. Together with children, mentors can assist and have discussion in the activity.

Our Training for Mentors will facilitate you to contribute in children’s career journey.

Community & Programs: Services


To allow everyone contributing to this issue, we provide you some programs that will equip you with necessary knowledge and skill depending on choice of contribution.


We provide video creation workshop to facilitate collaboration between role model and co-creators. By the end of the workshop, co-creators will have at least one career content in 360° video format and sufficient knowledge to repeat the video production process.


In this program, by utilizing the video content created by content creators, children will explore jobs. With the help of the mentors, they will explore variety of jobs and experience how it can be connected to their learning. Mentors are also equipped with guidance to conduct the activity with the children.


ICT solution will not be sustainable without the involvement of the local community. We invite local parents and volunteers to be a part of the solution.  Together with role model, they will create an at-home learning module for the children through the workshop that we designed.

Community & Programs: Services
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